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Check out What we're all about...Our Mission
is to
provide every child in America equal
opportunity to excel as athletes. Together we
can mold a generation that is conscious of the
importance of wellness and fitness.

It's not just skates.......
...It's fitness on wheels!

Skatetime® is a comprehensive, curriculum-
based skating unit brought to you and designed
to engage students of all ages. Your students will
have fun getting fit while learning a lifetime

Skatetime® delivers fitness through roller
skating to promote:

:: balance
:: coordination
:: elevated motor skills
:: awesome aerobic activity
:: enhanced cardiovascular wellness
:: not to mention how Cool it is
:: but most of all Healthy FUN

Our goal is to introduce an activity
that will last a lifetime!




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Scenturion® is a clear, flexible, micro-coating fortified with
pure Nano silver formulated to kill 99.9 % of the
which cause equipment odor and infections
in athletes.

About 90% of the equipment odor is caused by bacteria which
is killed by the Nano silver.  In addition, Scenturion employs
spherical encapsulation at a molecular level for the remaining
odor. These microspheres surround the molecules of other
substances causing odor and seal off their odor.  Scenturion
eliminates all the causes of odor.

Scenturion is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and environmentally
friendly and is designed to treat washable and non-washable

Scenturion does not have any fragrance that would affect your
ability to detect “absolutely no odor”.  A fragrance will mask
odor.  If you can smell even a slight odor it’s a sign that you
need to treat the item again to ensure that 100% of the “sweat
contact surface” of the item has been treated.  

Spray a fine mist of Scenturion on until the item is damp. 
When it is first applied the odor will go away almost
immediately. Allow it to dry before wearing.  For example, if
you wear cleats before they are dry the socks will wick off the
coating.  The key to Scenturion’s effectiveness is its particle
size and concentration.  The silver particle size is so small that
it attaches to the individual fibers of the fabric or surface of the
leather that lines the equipment.

The real genius of Scenturion is that every time an athlete
wears their gear and the plume of sweat reaches
Scenturion’s nanosilver – it reactivates the silver – and it
produces silver ions that wipe out all the microbes on the
gear.  Once an item is properly treated with Scenturion its
effectiveness should last for months.  Odor simply retreats
when the odor returns.

Scenturion kills Bactria , Fungus and Viruses on contact.
It treats the equipment and protects the athlete. 

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Scenturion Brochure

Scenturion Key Points

Scenturion Video